The Colour Theory

di MariaTeresa Accardo

Computers have more than 16 million colours. It’s amazing if we consider that each one originates just from the three primary colours: red, yellow and blue. So many colours, lots of them so similar, maybe just a tone different, but each one is unlike another. Like human beings!
We are so many people, we are all the same, but everyone is different. Each one has its own colour.
I don’t mind about the skin colour: I mind about a deeper colour; the colour of energy.

Broadly energy consists in the circulation of our emotions. As well as the colours, emotions come just from the three states of mind: positive, negative and indifferent. There is a colour for each kind of emotion, and because emotions crowding our life are endless, our colour energy transformation is infinite.

Everybody has his own basis colour, which changes whenever a new emotion arises in us. Children are born with a light and bright energy colour; on growing them, the colour will modify according to situations, moods and about the people they meet. Energy colour effects even our features.
This is why there are some people we don’t like even though they are good looking.

Moreover there are some others who are quite ugly but they are so interesting that we say: “…is very fascinating …has a fine light”. As far as relation ship is concerned, the colour theory is very clear: we are attracted by colours that match with ours, or by those which are complimentary.

Nevertheless sometimes we are captivated by someone and we cannot explain why. It might be that she/he has the same colour of us, or just a tone different that fits very well with our own colour. To sum up, science declares that human beings uses only a part of their mental power. If we would develop the other sleeping side, it might be that we could perceive the real colour of people and we could learn how to get the best shade for our energy. It would be very amusing, on getting on the underground to find a multicolour train, into which the person next to you is purple, the one besides is orange, the other one is blue, green, brown and so go on!

The colour theory is not just a figment of the imagination. Indeed there is a special camera capable of photographing the astral aura, which is the energy surrounding all the life of being. Then, when we will be able to see people energy colour, the difference between skin colour will become just a minor detail , as well as the black and white camera has been overcome by the colour camera.

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